Music Discovery Fridays: Adorable Kids

I’m a sucker for cute, adorable kids who sing.

Jorge, Alexa and Eliana Narvaez

Today, I’m featuring Jorge Narvaez and his two cute daughters Alexa, 8 and Eliana, 3. Jorge started a video journal 2 years ago and he’s been posting his journey with his two lovely daughters ever since. Really cool. Check out his youtube account here –>

Alexa and Jorge

Here’s Eliana singing Easy Go (Easy come easy go 🙂 )

I love Eliana! She’s just completely adorable. Check out her first singing video at age 2. PASSIONATE lil baby. I just love the way she closes her eyes. Feel na feel! I want a lil girl like her. Awryt I’m so gushy. I can’t help it.

Sophia Grace and Rosie

I knoww I knoww… I ‘ve posted Sophia Grace and Rosie’s video everywhere but I’m just really really amazed by Sophia’s talent. Geez how can a 8-year old utter so much words and RAP? Helloooooo! She’s just adorable and really talented. Rosie’s pretty but she plays the sidekick backup dancer. I hope they won’t have issues as they grow up.

Okay word of the day ADORABLE!


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