Random Thoughts While Running

“It’s raining”, my colleague proclaimed when he saw me in my running attire.  My face fell. “Oh no!” . After 9 days of total rest due to cough and colds, I was finally well today but I didn’t wanna risk getting sick again. I’ve ran in the rain a lot of times before and sure, it was safe but in my present condition, I had the inkling to skip a rainy run. I went back to my chair and to whatever I was doing on my laptop. Strangely, I was not really excited to run. My body was not craving for it but my mind was telling me I needed to get back into training for that 21km race on September. I checked the clock and decided I will skip the run if it was still raining by 8pm.

A few minutes after 7pm, I looked out the office window to check. Finally, it has stopped raining. I grabbed my water bottle and headed out of the office. I walked to the park across the street and dropped my water bottle on one of the benches. The moment I put one foot infront of the other I was suddenly overcome by the realization that I missed running. Whew! “This is good”, I thought to myself as I ran at an even, relaxed pace. “This is why I love running. This is why I should love running.  This is the running I love.”, I said to myself with a big smile. I was running on my own pace, not trying to outrun anyone, not thinking about the effort I was putting into it, not thinking about my heartrate nor my pace. I was thinking of so many other things. Random things started to cross my mind.

It has been a wonderful week so far. Surprisingly, a Monday turned out to be beautiful. The workload was light and I had time to browse through some awesome playlist. Soulful songs and Jon McLaughlin. I was smitten. His songs were so full of ehm LOVE. I don’t know if my mood was an after effect of the book I was reading. I was in the middle of the third book of the Trilogy 50 Shades of Grey. I spent Monday smiling like a lovesick sixteen year old, basking in soulful music and beautiful words from Book Mania. Tuesday turned out fine as well. Crazy, laughtrip Tuesday. Some facebook photo got me entertained.

Someone stopped me on my tracks, distracting me from my thoughts. Someone who looked familiar. Ohh it’s my sister. Apparently, she was also running at the park with some officemates.  On my second loop, I met her again and she grumbled about being tired already. I gave a small laugh and I suddenly realized how young she is. We are six years apart but the age gap never seemed to be there. We spend practically every single day together since we moved out from our older sister’s condo and settled in our new apartment. She hangs out with me and my friends, runs and swims with me. After she broke up with her boyfriend last year, she hasn’t been hanging out with other people during weekends. I made a mental note to encourage her to explore the world while she’s young. She should start dating again.

An upcoming trip came to mind. I was excited about traveling out of town with the gang. We haven’t been hanging out lately. Everybody’s been busy since the start of this year. I cringe remembering my work schedule. It was still something I had to work on to meet my own deadline just so I could be in Cebu by the first weekend. I smiled at the thought of our plans. Spontaneity took over all of us with this trip. I think I heard everybody say “Bahala na si Batman” with regards to availability, accommodation and plans.

I took a water break on my third lap. I reminded myself to keep the run relaxed and not stress about resting. I did another 2 loops admiring one lean male runner in a grey shirt drenched in sweat. Ahem. Mascular arms and chest. Ahem. Nyort nyorts. He was running at tempo pace. Suddenly, I remembered an embarrassing moment a few months ago while running at this park. I slammed into a man’s chest. Hahaha! Both of us were too close already when we realized we were head on. We tried to duck at the same time and my face slammed straight into his chest. Shit! I was too embarrassed to look at him. I just mumbled a quick apology and resumed running. The bad thing is we kept crossing each other’s path twice every loop since we were running in opposite directions, exchanging several awkward glances. I tried to smile at him but I think it turned out as a smirk. I noticed he wasn’t at the park tonight.

I finished my last loop and headed to the bench where I left my water bottle. My sister was already stretching with her colleagues. We had a quick chat and walked back to our building as it started to drizzle.  That quick, easy, no frills, wistful run surely added to the happy hormones.


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