Snippets of Random Realizations

Inspiring thoughts and ideas come to me at the most unexpected times and these are one of those things that I just had to write about.

Just be happy being here. It’s more than enough.

-watching the finale of SYTYCD S09, it made me realize how happy the finalist were at being finalist and how they say it’s more than enough for them to be there, that whether they win or lose it wouldn’t matter. And it made me realize that maybe that’s how we should approach life. Just be happy about being alive and being where you are right now. Happiness is not a destination. Contentment has always been something people struggle to achieve but I guess when you realize how blessed you are at the moment, you’ll never focus on what’s missing.

Our fear of commitment stems from our fear of failure.

– I haven’t been training seriously for a little while now. Ever since I learned that Camsur Marathon was cancelled, I dropped my program and ran only when I felt like doing it. I didn’t push myself to run any required distance nor run at a defined pace or heart rate. After reading about the TBR alumni 21k group run, I knew that there was no way I was not going to run it. I got excited but then my heart sank when I realized that it was really a 21k. Easy run or not, a 21k is still a 21k. I lacked mileage and I only had 2 months to fill the gap before the race. To add more to the pressure, I was going to run it with my sisters. Even with lack of training, they can still outrun  me at any given time. They were talented while I keep pace with them only because I train harder than they do.

I couldn’t help feeling dreadful while my mind was busy calculating and plotting my program to at least finish the 21km uninjured. That’s when I realized that I was dreading a training program because I was afraid to fail. The last time I trained my ass off, the training period was often times frustrating and stressful. However, I did reap the benefits of following it as religiously as  I could. I finished my comeback race on target. I guess I was more concerned about going through the frustration and stress all over again. More than that, I was trying to escape the commitment to training because I was afraid of failing.

Sometimes, our fears keep us from achieving the things that we are really capable of. To move out of that fear zone, we must believe that we are capable. Besides, we only fail when we refuse to try.




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