Lesson #3 Courage

This weekend has been an eyeopener and an affirmation of the person i want to be.

I’ve realized that I need to be brave inorder to attract brave people. I think I have attracted the most coward of men in the past because I, too, was very fearful. In the end, I ended up getting hurt because no one had the courage to fight for me.

Courage is fighting for the things you want and letting go of the things that doesn’t benefit you.

So now, I’m changing the game. I will find the courage to say “no thanks” to people who offer less than what I deserve and allow myself to be vulnerable to those who are willing to hold my hand and walk with me in the uncertainties. In the end, I want to be with someone whose love is something I don’t have to think about and won’t leave me trying to convince myself of its truesome, someone who says “This is what I want. Period.” (No buts ) someone who is strong and brave enough to love me. I don’t want to be enslaved by someone else’s hesitation and fears nor do I want someone who confuses me.

I choose to be brave.


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