I found beauty in its subtlety

In its quiet prodding

In the unspoken words

How small things collectively could mean something

Something big

How each pause and awkward glances

Could still mean something

Something deeper than what IS

How we try to search for beauty in grand gestures

Grand things

But all this is beauty in itself

And if it is all it shall ever be

Then it is enough


A Shadow of Blue

Last week I’ve been frisking you tube and 8tracks for cool string mixes. This week, I landed on some amazing short animated films. I’ve checked almost a dozen of them today and I just came across one of the best so far. I think the animation is genius and the story is just beautiful. There’s a sad twist in the story that makes you go.. Awwwww! Spoiler Alert! Nuf said.

The film was created by Carlos Luscano, entitled A Shadow of Blue. Check it out.

“A touching story in which fantasy and reality merge to make dreams come true.  How determining can reality be, and how can fantasy unleash an unexpected freedom? Can a fragile world of lights and shadows show us more than a silhouette drawn against the sunlight?”

IF you cannot view the video here, please click on the link below for the password.


Why Are All Men Assholes?

“The longest-running one-man comedy in Broadway history, this “hysterically funny” (The New York Times) stage play uses anthropology, psychology, sociology, and observational humor to reveal the hidden mysteries of both sexes.

Okay okay wait shhhh! This blog is not about men being assholes. The title is just a snippet from the lines on Joel Trinidad on the solo stage play Defending the Caveman. An original play written by American stand up comedian Rob Becker.


I was browsing through Cash cash pinoy website a few days ago when I came upon an ad on discounted Orchestra seats for the play Defending the Caveman. A short description about battle of the sexes caught my attention which made me do a little research about the play. It had really great reviews. So I decided to buy me and my 2 other sisters ticket to this show. I’m glad I did because we were all laughing during the whole show. No dull moment, I swear. Hats off to Joel Trinidad for the great performance.

The play starts with a short film and opened with women asking why all men are assholes. As the play unfolds, the only actor of the show tries to explain why men act the way they do and why they really are not assholes.

The play basically tries to explain the differences between men and women how they react to certain situations and how they relate to each other  The show revolves around this basic idea that men are hunters and women are gatherers which can be traced from the caveman days. It was both hilarious and insightful. I would highly recommend this to couples. My sister and her husband came to mind while watching the show. =p If the play was running longer, I would have bought them tickets.

my sisters Irhys and Tine