BBP Outreach August 17, 2013

It’s been a year since our last outreach. We have Joanne Ordono from Genpact Headstrong to thank for selecting BBP as their beneficiary for their fundraising.

I’m excited about this project because I miss the littel boys here. The foundling home houses 36 boys ages 3-7 yrs. old. It would be nice to see them againa fter a year.

We are open for more donations. Pls. leave a message if you are interested. Godbless!

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Better Bones Project JULY

The next  Better Bones Project will be held this month.

We are blessed to be on our third outreach project for this year. Thank you to all our donors and other supporters.

Our website will be up soon and I am super duper excited for this. Special thanks to Knell Villena and his team and Headstrong for volunteering to do this for free. The continued support is inspiring me to work harder for this project.

Admittedly, there are times when I felt like losing heart, times when I worry about how this project will survive but thinking about the kids out there needing my help and who will benefit from this is enough to keep me going. God never fails to send angels. And for that, I am thankful to each and every single soul who are willing to help in any way they can.


When: July 28, 2012, 2:30PM

Where: Bahay Maria Orphanage, 95 Amapola St., Bel-Air 3 Makati

What: We will be conducting a short program with the kids (They have 37 kids and 10 workers. 1 boy the rest are girls. Ages 5 and above. They have one with cerebral palsy (Nido full cream daw esp milk nya).and hand our milk donations

For those who are interested in joining, pls. inform me so we can include you in the headcount.

 We are still open for donations.


Better Bones Project MAY

Second Better Bones Project Outreach/Milk-feeding

Where:  “GRACE TO BE BORN” in Kapasigan, Pasig City

When: May 19, 2012 10AM

They have 6 babies from 0-12 mos old and 15 young pregnant teens.

Check out Grace to Be Born on Facebook or visit their webpage Grace to Be

How to Help Better Bones Project:

1. cash donations or milk product donations

2. help to spread the word. Share our mission to others. You can also like our FB page and share our posts. Better Bones Project.  We need to reach out to as many people as we can.

3. volunteer during the outreach visits

4. Prayers

You contact us through Facebook or leave a message.


Below is the shelter’s profile.

Company Overview

Grace To Be Born offers alternative vs. abortion
(The Philippine Star) Updated May 19, 2009 12:00 AMMANILA, Philippines – According to a study made in 2006, 800 women die each year because of abortion complications, while a study in 2003 showed that induced abortions among Filipino women reach 319,000 a year. Compared to adult women who have abortions, adolescents who abort are two to four times more likely to commit suicide, develop psychological problems, and three times more likely to be admitted to mental hospitals.Child abandonment, the practice of relinquishing interests and claims over one’s child with the intent of never again resuming or reasserting it, is often caused by a number of social and cultural factors as well as mental illness, and is another issue that should be immediately addressed.Last January, a baby was abandoned on a Mandaluyong sidewalk, while another baby was abandoned near the Shrine of Divine Mercy. Some pregnant women enter hospitals, register fictitious names and false addresses, and then quickly escape a day or two after delivery, deliberately leaving their babies behind.

These and other shocking events have prompted Bo Sanchez, Rey Ortega, Ditas Espanol, and other members of the Light of Jesus community to help pro-life movements in their advocacy campaign against abortion by establishing the Grace To Be Born ministry, a group that convinces pregnant women in crisis not to abort their babies by providing them with alternatives.

The ministry manages a shelter at 53 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Kapasigan, Pasig City, which serves both as a halfway house for unwed mothers and as an orphanage for abandoned babies. It also shoulders the maternity expenses and takes care of the babies, as well as those abandoned in the streets and government hospitals.

To support this endeavor, the group appeals to kindhearted citizens, NGOs, church and civic groups to donate money, foodstuff, milk, diapers, and other baby and pregnant women’s needs, with official receipts issued for tax deductions.

By offering these alternatives to women in crisis, Grace To Be Born ultimately aims to help in the fight against abortion and to successfully put abandoned infants in nurturing homes that would enable them to grow up and live in a normal and loving family environment.

Grace To Be Born ministry is duly registered and approved by SEC, DSWD, BIR, and the Mayor’s Office. For details, questions or donations, call Rey Ortega at 09275010605 or 09228597035, or Myrna Ortega at 09178039139. E-mail and

Better Bones Project APRIL

When the group was first established in December 2011, it aimed to raise awareness of the situation of children in orphanages and help them with their milk requirement. Most orphanages don’t include milk  in their monthly budget. Something that is supposed to be 31% of the total food intake of a child is regarded as a “bonus”.

Our very first milk distribution was held last February 18 wherein we have raised 33 cans of milk for Manila Boys Town in Marikina. It was a very humbling experience and again, we the group would like to thank all our generous donors. No matter how big or small your donations were, it surely made a difference.  February 18 BBP

This April, Better Bones Project will hold the second milk distribution and outreach. We are once again knocking on your doors for donations, in cash or  a can of milk. We are also looking for volunteers to join us during the orphanage visit. If you like to spend some time with the children, please do join us.

How to help:

For donations in cash:

Please deposit it to this account, rest assured all donations will go to our beneficiary.

0280991185/Mark Leonard Manalo/BDO.

For donations in kind:
You may leave a message here and we can meet up to pick up your donations

Please visit our facebook page for updates on our APRIL Mission:

We hope to hear from you!

Better Bones Project: A Lesson on Gratefulness

Life doesn’t count for much unless you’re willing to do your small part to leave our children – all of our children – a better world. Even if it’s difficult. Even if the work seems great. Even if we don’t get very far in our lifetime.” —BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jun. 15, 2008

He was a cute little boy. Being the youngest and smallest, he stood infront of the line of 42 boys and he looked at us with big curious eyes. There was a reddish bump on his forehead. Like the rest of the kids, his head was shaven. A big patch of dried wound at the back of his head was visible. My first heartbreak of the day. Moises was only two years old and it was easy to see that he suffered from abuse.  They all looked so cute in their uniforms. We ushered the kids inside the room and settled them on the small chairs that were lined up at the center.

It was December when Mark posted something about raising milk for orphanages. I got hooked instantly. There’s always something about working for children that tugs at my heart and putting up an orphanage has always been in my bucketlist. So, a group in FB was formed, ideas were exchanged and we came up with a plan to raise 45 cans of milk for each orphanage beneficiary. We were originally planning on a monthly beneficiary but the logistics seemed a little bit impossible for sustaining it so we decided to do it every other month. After 2 months of planning, Manila Boys Town in Parang,Marikina became our final orphanage for the month of February, our very first milk feeding outreach.

On Saturday, February 18, 2012, Mark, Momi Eve, Shiela, Ceres, Papa Dads, my sister Irhys and I set out early for our very first BBP mission. I was ecstatic to be spending time with the kids that I hardly had any sleep the night before.  Shiela’s plan of storytelling quickly vanished when we realized what we were faced with. 42 young boys ages 2 to 7.  That was quite a number and with only 6 of us chasing them around, it was a bit of a challenge.  It was very heart warming when the kids would hold my hand, tap me, touch my hair, whisper something and I could only wish that we could clone ourselves just so we can give each child the attention they were craving for.

Some of them stood apart from the group. Bong was around 5 years old. He had several dried bruises on his face, on his lip and his arms were spotted with more. He didn’t talk but he smiled. When I approached him, he wouldn’t look at me. He stared out the window silently. I played with a yoyo and handed it to him.  He took it reluctantly. He smiled and that was enough. Another handsome kid, Christian (who looked like a young Bald runner), sat very quietly and very unresponsive.  We tried to make him smile but he just sat there with a very disinterested demeanor.  Nothing worked so I just gave him a tight hug.

Ramon Bautista (look-alike) was in the house too =). Like the older boys, Mel was in a better mood than the younger children. He answered questions properly and he wasn’t too rowdy.

Surprisingly, everybody wanted to dance the dougie. Ang gagaling nila mag dougie!

At nagkagulo na. Everyone wanted to play.

After the games and after the food was distributed, the kids started harassing Ceres for the toys. Too bad we didn’t have enough for everyone.

After the program, we got a quick tour at their house. My heart went out to these children when I saw their sleeping quarters. It was not much. The room’s blue paint was peeling off,  bamboo beds were lined up on either side of the wall, no pillows, no cushions, 2 ceiling fans and a lone TV sat at one side of the room. Ganun pa man, nakangiti parin sila. Despite what little they had and what they’ve been through, they carried genuine smiles. I am very lucky to have been blessed with a big loving family, a comfortable home and a happy childhood. Most of us are so much blessed but we still complain. These kids have so little yet they are more grateful than we are. Look at your own life closely and tell me how can you complain? Realizing the plights of these children has taught me to be more grateful about the smallest things I have in life.

With our generous donors, we were able to collect as much as 31 cans of milk, food for the kids and some toys.  We may not have reached our 45 cans goal but what we collected was already more than enough to help these kids with their milk supply. We would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to each and every single donor who have generously shared their blessings.

Thank you, Mark Manalo for initiating this project and giving us the opportunity to reach out. To the rest of the team, Great Job!

It has been truly a heart warming experience to do something for these kids. That day, I left the orphanage with mixed feelings. It was heartbreaking to see these kids, at their very young age, spotted with scars and bruises of an abusive home but it was also a blessing to see them smile.  I wish I could hug them forever. Kung pwede lang sila iuwi. I pray for their future, I pray that they may grow up as wonderful adults and I pray that with the help of the people who continue to support and care for them their wounds would be healed.

BBP with the little boys of Manila Boys Town

Better Bones Project is now on the roll for collecting donations for our next milk feeding project this coming April.

We are hoping to gather more volunteers for our next outreach this coming April. If you wish to join us in chasing, dancing, singing and  spending a few hours with the kids please feel free to leave a message and we’ll get in touch. I wish I can share more photos with you but we have to respect the children’s rights to privacy.

For more information please visit our facebook page:

For donations:

you can deposit cash to this account:

0280991185/Mark Leonard Manalo/BDO

For milk donations:

Please feel free to leave a message and we can schedule pick-up.