Thrive. Don’t Just Survive.


“That’s it! I’m done.” I told myself as I came up from my last squat. The workout for the evening was 50squats-5x150msprint-150mwalk -50squats-5x150msprint-150mwalk -50squats. A total of 150squats and 10 150m sprint repetitions. After doing my second 50squats, I was ready to throw in the towel. Although, my quads were still strong despite the circuit I did the previous day and the 100 squats I just finished, my mind was cringing with the idea of another 5 reps of intervals.

I looked around the small crowd of ANR attendees. Nobody was quitting. “Okay, okay, I’ll just run the rest of the intervals, no need to sprint”, I convinced myself. So there goes the 6th interval. I was halfway through the run when I heard my conscience saying “what about thriving huh? Don’t just survive this. You can do better.  Thrive!”. Boy, was my conscience screaming so loud. The result, I ran the rest of the intervals stronger than I did on the first half. “That’s thriving!” I told myself with a big proud smile.

I came across the “Thrive. Don’t just survive”  from an article about crossfit a few days ago. It is a powerful motivation. Something I’d always chant to myself when I feel like giving up in the middle of a hard workout.  A hard workout means a good workout. Afterall, when it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. If you don’t look shit enough while doing it and feel shit enough after doing it, then you didn’t put enough shit in it.


I admit to some moments when I am too focused on finishing a workout. I just want to get over with it. I don’t care how I do it as long as I finish it, as long as I survive. I guess that’s one mistake we can get used to. We just survive. We settle with surviving against thriving.

The other day, I was doing a workout where in one exercise was the knee high wall which I had to do for 1 minute for every round. It’s pretty much the same as doing a high knee drill except that both of your hands are pushing against a wall. It looked easy but huh I was sooo wrong. I had to pause every 10secs or so. The challenge with doing a workout alone is being able to motivate your own self to do better, to push harder and to THRIVE. I could have paused longer but I decided to thrive. I kept telling myself “don’t just survive this”.

Surviving is great. Whether it be a hard workout, crossing the finish line or simply completing a required job. But to thrive, it is much more remarkable. In life, it’s easy to treat the days as something we survived. “Oh I survived this day. Finally, it’s over.”  But did you thrive? Did you push yourself to do better? Surely, we don’t want a “pasang-awa” grade in our workouts or in life. The real challenge in life is not to survive, but to THRIVE.