I Look To You

I came across this song while searching for wedding songs for someone else a few months ago. I fell in love with the song immediately. I thought it was going to be a really beautiful song for your partner while walking down the aisle.

The song popped in my mind this morning while walking to the church and then I realized that the song was meant for God pala. The song was originally sang by Whitney Houston but I find Boyce Avenue’s version really beautiful.

My experience during the weekend was a sorts of many, something I can’t describe in a few words. For everyone who was there, this song says it all.


Of Silly Girls and Prince Charmings

I fell in love today. *goofy grin*

Yes, I did. With Jon McLauglin. How can someone look so good and sound so good? Is that even allowed?

The song So Close was a soundtrack for the movie Enchanted and yes I am greatly disappointed of this late discovery. I heard the song over the radio a few days ago and I remembered to google it today and voila! He looks so damn good pala! Sorry for the gushing. GIRLS yeah yeah.

The lovely song is just so heartwarming and it reminds me of fairytales, slow dancing, falling in love blah blah. I guess in every girl there will always be that silly part of ourselves who dreams of Prince Charmings,  Edward Cullens, Christian Greys, the knights in shining armor who will steal our hearts and trip us into a great love story. That despite our past relationships, our brokenness and mediocrity our heart desires something beautiful (yes, like the movies and like the fairy tales and the impossibles but who’s to say it can’t happen eh?)

It may sound ridiculous but don’t let go of that part of you. Because in this age where it’s a struggle to hold on to a relationship or marriage, I think we need that part of ourselves who will hope and believe that somewhere out there a magical and lasting love story can exist.

Music Discovery Fridays: Adorable Kids

I’m a sucker for cute, adorable kids who sing.

Jorge, Alexa and Eliana Narvaez

Today, I’m featuring Jorge Narvaez and his two cute daughters Alexa, 8 and Eliana, 3. Jorge started a video journal 2 years ago and he’s been posting his journey with his two lovely daughters ever since. Really cool. Check out his youtube account here –> http://www.youtube.com/user/realitychangers

Alexa and Jorge

Here’s Eliana singing Easy Go (Easy come easy go 🙂 )

I love Eliana! She’s just completely adorable. Check out her first singing video at age 2. PASSIONATE lil baby. I just love the way she closes her eyes. Feel na feel! I want a lil girl like her. Awryt I’m so gushy. I can’t help it.

Sophia Grace and Rosie

I knoww I knoww… I ‘ve posted Sophia Grace and Rosie’s video everywhere but I’m just really really amazed by Sophia’s talent. Geez how can a 8-year old utter so much words and RAP? Helloooooo! She’s just adorable and really talented. Rosie’s pretty but she plays the sidekick backup dancer. I hope they won’t have issues as they grow up.

Okay word of the day ADORABLE!

Music Discovery Fridays: STRINGS

I’m gonna be featuring musicians every Friday. Hooray! I love music and though I can’t really play any instrument or sing that well (or sing at all haha) music is part of my daily life. I listen to a wide variety from jazz, classical, *RNB, hiphop, pop, alternative, rock, almost anything. It’s really revolutionary having youtube as a highway for discovering freaking good artists.

I’ve been listening to string mixes all week and I’ve come across pretty awesome artists. So for our STRING feature, I’d like to introduce you to two freakingly awesome cellists.

Featured artist: 2CELLOS

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser formed their duo in 2011 and called themselves 2Cello. After uploading their cello version of Smooth Criminal  on you tube they became instant sensations with over 5million hits in just 3 weeks.


Stjepan , 25 is fromCroatiawhile Luka, 24 originates fromSlovenia. They are accomplished cellist individually and both have performed in various concerts but it was after their youtube success that they signed up under Sony Music.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these 20 something, passionate, sexy cellists? Watching them on youtube makes me wanna do a standing ovation. They perform with INTENSITY and OOMPH! And their face…geez…it’s like they’re making love to their cellos when they play. Haha.

❤ Stjepan Hauser, 25

Luka Sulic, 24

I was so blown away when I came across their cello version of one of my favorite songs by U2, With or Without You.  But here’s one of their most intense performances, presenting their hotness Luka and Stjepan with their cello version of a 90’s alternative song by Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit. *APPLAUSE*



* I’m sorry I published this post without proofreading thoroughly. RND instead of RNB. Ugh! Rhythm and Dudes? Lol. corrected already. 02/26/2012 20:43