Music Discovery Fridays: STRINGS

I’m gonna be featuring musicians every Friday. Hooray! I love music and though I can’t really play any instrument or sing that well (or sing at all haha) music is part of my daily life. I listen to a wide variety from jazz, classical, *RNB, hiphop, pop, alternative, rock, almost anything. It’s really revolutionary having youtube as a highway for discovering freaking good artists.

I’ve been listening to string mixes all week and I’ve come across pretty awesome artists. So for our STRING feature, I’d like to introduce you to two freakingly awesome cellists.

Featured artist: 2CELLOS

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser formed their duo in 2011 and called themselves 2Cello. After uploading their cello version of Smooth Criminal  on you tube they became instant sensations with over 5million hits in just 3 weeks.


Stjepan , 25 is fromCroatiawhile Luka, 24 originates fromSlovenia. They are accomplished cellist individually and both have performed in various concerts but it was after their youtube success that they signed up under Sony Music.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these 20 something, passionate, sexy cellists? Watching them on youtube makes me wanna do a standing ovation. They perform with INTENSITY and OOMPH! And their face…geez…it’s like they’re making love to their cellos when they play. Haha.

❤ Stjepan Hauser, 25

Luka Sulic, 24

I was so blown away when I came across their cello version of one of my favorite songs by U2, With or Without You.  But here’s one of their most intense performances, presenting their hotness Luka and Stjepan with their cello version of a 90’s alternative song by Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit. *APPLAUSE*



* I’m sorry I published this post without proofreading thoroughly. RND instead of RNB. Ugh! Rhythm and Dudes? Lol. corrected already. 02/26/2012 20:43